menuTiffany & Co. NFTiff
What is a NFTiff?
How will the pendant be designed?
What will be the size of the pendant?
What materials will be utilized for the pendant?
Can I make any customizations?
What is included with my purchase?
Purchase FAQs
How do I join the presale?
Where do I purchase a NFTiff?
How much does a NFTiff cost?
Who is eligible to buy a NFTiff?
What type of wallet do I need to purchase a NFTiff?
Is the NFTiff an airdrop?
When does the sale start?
Why do you need to collect my personal information?
Can I buy a NFTiff and hold it as a collectible?
How many NFTiff passes can be purchased?
Can I return or exchange my purchase?
Will it be necessary to verify ownership of the punk prior to shipment?
What are the terms and conditions of the NFTiff NFT?
Redemption FAQs
How do I redeem my NFTiff?
Is there a deadline to redeem my NFTiff?
What do I need in order to redeem my NFTiff?
What if my CryptoPunk that I want to redeem is not in the same wallet as my NFTiff?
NFT & Crypto General FAQs
What is a NFT?
What does ‘mint’ mean?
What is a CryptoPunk?
What is cryptocurrency?
What is Ether?
Where can I buy cryptocurrencies?
What is a crypto wallet?